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04 Hallux valgus/ Bunion

As part of an increasing splay foot, the big toe (lat: hallux) deviates to the side (hallux valgus). The resulting bunions above the metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe can lead to pressure symptoms in the shoe and to chronic bursitis.

If the pain becomes too great even in shoes with sufficient space for the toes, despite foot gymnastics and possibly insoles, the only option is usually surgical correction of the hallux valgus. If the hallux valgus is not corrected, the big toe may increasingly lose its support function and damage may occur to the lesser toes and the ball of the foot.

Surgical correction

During surgical correction, the geometry of the forefoot is restored.

In the case of bilateral painful hallux valgus, we perform the simultaneous correction, which does not mean any significant additional effort for you as a patient. Surgical correction of hallux valgus is our most common operation.

X-ray image of a hallux valgus before and after surgery:

Find out more about hallux valgus surgery in this article by Dr. Hitz, MD.

Hallux valgus - muss ich operiert werden
Download PDF • 107KB

Watch the operation in this video (warning, only for strong nerves!).

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